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Owaraga is a name from Teso, which means the storyteller.

As it is in most African cultures,knowledge is preserved by elders and is orally passed on to the next generation. Therefore, storytelling is of great importance. The storyteller is knowledgeable, witty, inspiring, entertaining and most of all a teacher.

Owaraga Still and Motion Group is dully registered in Uganda and has been active in the East African advertising and production market for one year now, though one can trace its roots as far back as the beginning of this millennium through the works of its founder members with over 30 years of collective experience.The creative team is composed of a young and vibrant multi faceted audio visual talent pool.

What makes us standout?

The relentless endeavor to create compelling imagery that best projects how our Client’s message should be articulated; it is our staunch belief that every message must be communicative, informative, entertaining and educational.

Applied expertly, these four traits enable a message to survive repetition and crucially stick in the memory and foster top of mind awareness. When that is done, the Clients have the opportunity to get the desired market and target audience response.

To precipitate this, we at Owaraga Still and Motion Group take every step to exchange ideas with all Stakeholders involved, building a firm base of information on which Clients expectations will be balanced with service provider creativity.

Our services:

Owaraga Still and Motion Group is proficient and has experience at all levels of  audio visual media production; from concept, design to post-production.

Conceptualization, research, script writing, creative writing, interviewing, factual reporting, editing and graphics works are all fields within our ambit and our strength lies in harnessing technology to frame stories objectively.

In the past one-year, we have been involved in a multitude of projects across a broad spectrum of the visual medium, accomplishing success not only with traditional media but now also seamlessly integrating with the demands posed by today’s new platforms.

It is in relation to the above mentioned skill-set that we can attest to a varied body of work for a diverse product offering.

Our Core Business

TV Production

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