About us

Owaraga Group

Owaraga Group is a multifaceted media production company with over three decades’ worth of experience producing ingenious and captivating narratives for clients across a variety of mediums.

We thus affirm that we are proficient and have the experience at all levels of audio-visual media production; from the stage that something is still an idea to post production.

Conceptualization, Research, Interviewing, Script writing, Creative writing, Filming, Factual Reporting Media management and Public relations are all fields within our ambit, though our strength lies in Visual media.

Why us.

At Owaraga, we are driven by the relentless endeavour to create visuals that project how best the Client’s message should go across; it is our staunch belief that every message must be communicative and informative, and should also entertain and educate.

We understand that businesses use photography and videography to document social events and create visual content for internal and external communications like social media, print (magazines) newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing materials. We thus affirm that we are confident in our capacity to produce tailor made audio-visuals of the highest standard (Print and Digital visuals) to best suit our clients’ needs.

Our Major Clients