Our business is defining memories; our business is helping you tell your story.

The camera can be cold and withdrawn, distant from the subject, getting you the picture from far, all aloof on its tripod. That cannot happen with sound: for that you have to get up-close and personal, one-on-one…

Adnan Senkumba is one of the best at getting you the sound you need. Crisp and clear, you get the story exactly the way it was told, letting you in on the emotion and wrapping you in the setting, be it at a quiet kraal in Karamoja or amidst the helter-skelter of downtown Kampala. 

His journey to become one of the eminent soundpersons around has been one of passion and dedication, the kind you need to readily assemble a bunch of wires and recorders and carry boom mics for hours on end. But other than having arms and shoulders lined with that Wakanda metal, Adnan does have an even bigger trick up his sleeve, or should we say his face…a big smile and personality, which quickly disarms the interviewees and lets them tell the stories we soon get to know and love.

Writer: John Francis Neema Barenzi 

Photo credit: Emmanuel Owaraga

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