Hatimax Sebintu.

There’s something amazing, almost alchemic, about the artist…

one moment its blobs of colour jostling for space on the palette, getting crashed and 

mixed by an intrusive brush. But slowly the magic happens…through a process only fully understood and conferred by the Boss of the Cosmos, the artist turns this cacophony of colour into an optic symphony… a thing of beauty.

Hatimax Sebintu excels at this. This young artist is quickly, and rightly, 

gaining critical international acclaim for his portraits on canvas. And indeed when you look at them, you soon notice something: they all have a confidence, a certain pride, a look in their eyes which embodies the rich history and culture of Africa. Look at the look 

of Hatimax…then look at the look of the faces in his paintings…

Writer: John Francis Neema Barenzi 

Photo credit: Emmanuel Owaraga

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